An Introduction

My name is Liz, and I have always been a very driven and focused career woman and given my all to ensure that throughout my career, my job has consistently been delivered to the highest standard. I have enjoyed the challenges that have been presented to me within my work life and have relished the opportunity to meet these head on and ultimately overcome them. In addition to a thriving career I also have two children and a husband and all the additional responsibilities that accompany managing a vibrant family home. It is the skill of learning to control a number of spinning plates that has long been a key factor in my success.

An Epiphany

I had always been interested in fitness and have tried to keep in shape over the years joined many fitness classes and tried numerous diets. My weight whilst I was working yo-yoed and my wardrobe often had to cater for dress sizes and suits that ranged across two or three sizes. My epiphany came when I realised that throughout my career I had continuously been developing and improving myself to enable me to become a better leader for the benefit of my team and my business - and not for ME as an individual.


I have met many women and men who resonate with this scenario and as a result of this I created my company called NuYou2. It provides real solutions and skills to allow your health, fitness and personal wellbeing to play an equal role in your everyday lives. It's not about fad diets, unrealistic exercise routines, or complicated meal plans and it doesn't mean that you have to stop enjoying the things you like in your life like alcohol and meals out.

A Journey

I will work with you one to one and help you understand and identify what you need to do and change in order to improve your health, fitness and life balance. Your programme will be just that – your programme. It will be written for you. It will take into consideration your current fitness levels, your size, your lean body mass and perhaps most importantly your time available. Contact me for your free consultation today.