12 tips

  1. Like what you do.
    Keeping the motivation alive is one of the biggest challenges that most people face when they start their journey to get fit, so don’t make it harder for yourself by undertaking exercise that you don’t enjoy doing!  Pushing yourself to achieve new milestones along this journey will be easier to deliver if you are at least doing exercise you like!
  2. Friend Fit sessions – two’s company.
    Doing exercise with your best mate or with your partner provides huge benefits….increased motivation, competition, reduced costs.  The benefits, the pain, the highs and the lows can all be shared and you are less likely to give in or bunk off a session if you know you are letting someone else down too!!
  3. Track it!
    Make what you are doing real by measuring your improvements.  Take your measurements and record them somewhere private, or take the photo of yourself before you start.  These will become the measures of your success and will help you define the true scale of what you achieve.
  4. Find what works for you.
    Know what works for you and understand why it’s good for you. Once you grasp this then you will perform your exercise with more conviction and believe in the outcome! What works for someone else may not work for you so find what works for you.  If you are clear about what your goals, then you will be able to determine what exercise will enable you to achieve that.
  5. Be prepared to try something new.
    Once you know what works for your then boost your enthusiasm by trying something new. Maybe a new fitness class or have a go at boxing, it could be you tweak on an old favourite. Whatever it is a new experience will ensure that your passion to continue on your journey is maintained. Equally new exercises will produce new results in your pursuit of fitness!
  6. Set achievable goals!
    This is such a critical part for anyone! Look in the mirror and be realistic and honest with yourself.  Don’t expect an expanding midriff to turn into chiselled core unless you are seriously committed to changing your whole lifestyle to the degree that would be necessary.  If you don’t want to give up going out with friends and socialising then that’s fine…….just be real about what you can achieve and what you are prepared to do to get it.
  7. Relish the feeling.
    Celebrate your successes……it doesn’t matter how small they might be to others, they are big to you.  When you do a great workout at the gym, or a personal best time on your run, or you slip a pair of jeans on and they feel that little bit less under pressure, then relish that feeling because that is down to YOU! That is the power of you and your commitment.  Let that feeling be the foundation that builds and strengthens your resolve to keep doing more.
  8. Time efficient.
    Make your exercise fit the time that you have available and don’t use the excuse that you don’t have much of it as a reason not to do it! You’ll be surprised how much more you will push yourself if you know you are under a time pressure.  It’s all too easy to make the excuse that you don’t have time…..create some quick, short, high impact workouts that you can do at home using your body weight or in the gym. Make that time for you!
  9. So what if you miss one?
    Sometimes, how ever committed we aim to be, life will get in the way of our exercise…..fact!  So when (and not if this happens) don’t throw in the towel and all the progress that you have made.  Okay so you may have missed a day, a couple of days, a week….but so what! Dust yourself down and get back on it.  What you do from now is what counts not what has happened.
  10. Make what you do count.
    If you are investing the time in YOU then ensure that this time is being well spent.  There is nothing more demoralising that putting in all that effort for weeks on end to feel or see no difference. Seek advice from a qualified Personal Trainer so you can ensure that the exercises that you are doing will enable you to achieve your goals and that you are doing them correctly. This small investment will reap you massive rewards!
  11. Make it a habit.
    Make exercise part of your regular week so that it becomes part of a routine that makes it easy for you to stick to. Understanding your time, your goals, what works and understanding “you” are all the components that you need to help this become a regular part of your routine and your life.
  12. Do it for you!
    This has to be about YOU if it is going to work. Why do you want to start exercise?  Why do you want to change the way you exercise?  Understanding the “Why” will enable you to achieve the “What.”

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